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tv   Headline News  RT  August 3, 2014 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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united nations chief condemns the latest attack on a un school as a criminal act ten people died in the incident as israel steps up its air attacks or redeploying ground troops along the border. the german newspaper israel's been blocking the u.s. secretary of state while he mediated peace talks with the palestinians. russian checkpoints come under fire from ukrainian territory just as european security observers were monitoring the crossing the same attack also reportedly hit a family high. on the international probe into the malaysian plane crash.
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back in the area. troops are tightening the noose on the government strongholds. headlines on the world's top stories over the last week on r.t. international live from moscow where it's two am good to have you with us high level that widespread condemnation tonight of another israeli strike on a un school in gaza at least ten people died they were queuing for food at the gates at the time the u.s. state department says it's appalled by the disgraceful shelling well the united nations secretary-general ban ki moon calls the attack a moral outrage and a criminal act the i.d.f. had earlier signaled that it's winding down its operation along the border fear reports from the heart of the conflict. i would this is say that the israeli air
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force struck a motorcycle just outside of a proprietary boys school in the rougher city we know that at least ten palestinians were injured we believe all of them were civilians at least four children now the united nations has of course condemned this attack but the united nations has made clear that historically and recently it's told us throughout the precise location of this structure and the fact that in this school there are around three thousand palestinian civilians seeking refuge well this is not the first time that a un run school shelter has been attacked in these almost four weeks of deadly conflict in gaza just in the last couple of weeks a handful of other schools have come under direct and indirect fire killing scores of civilians we've been catching up with some of those most severely injured in gases burn unit in its main hospital. it's hard to fathom how such a boss devastation can occur in three weeks of fighting. thousands of homes damaged
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or destroyed tens of thousands internally displaced and well over a thousand killed inside gaza's main hospital in its burns unit are a small fraction of the surviving injured this girl three years old. this israeli is demolished their house of this family. so we do see of the girl whose mother. is with severe burns. this morning. this woman is a very severe condition she is she presented five days ago with her son and her husband her son and husband died with severe burns and she's still. surviving with a very critical condition the doctors and nurses here look as stunned as the
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civilians who've survived in heavily bombarded areas it's hard to imagine how the medical staff can cope with these truly horrendous cases human being if i see whole families the killed under the rubble of their house the house. and these people and all the families killed in one on the instances i have a child here he was all the time crying because he lost all his families he lost his father his mother his brother is a grandfather and all the time he's crying he wants it's further his mother so i closed the door of my office and i sat crying here those that survived this war will have to battle physical and psychological scars for years to come. ask for what weaponry is causing these injuries it's not entirely clear. it's very severe the magnitude of destruction of the human beings those ones are intended to
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kill mass casualties of people bodies and faces badly on the ground it feels as if during this war israel is fixed on stopping her masses rockets once and for all regardless of being a credible civilian toll. in. gaza. well it's hard to grasp the amount of destruction in gaza but here's a snapshot of how much damage the current operation has done to the city now these are satellite pictures of gaza published by un research organization they show residential areas before and after being bombarded by israel and the after pictures you can clearly see how entire blocks have been razed to the ground not intended to colonel peter learned from the israeli army he says that the i.d.f. is only responding to persistent militant rocket attacks israel continues to be threatened by indiscriminate rockets that are launched by hamas to israel even as
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we speak even during the continued days as we've seen in the last three and a half weeks and they have continued to attempt to attack us through tunnels and indeed we had the incident on friday when two two soldiers and then a third were killed in an attack coming out from a tunnel and this is a repeating occurrence hamas which has hundreds and hundreds of militants are utilizing exploiting the civilian arena just yesterday i have an indication of an unknown or a school that for eleven times during the day rockets were launched from a specific location so it's a huge challenge it's something we are facing but indeed we are determined. that you know isn't your response a bit disproportionate prime minister netanyahu says hamas rulers would pay an intolerable price if they continue to fire rockets at israel and then options are on the table then we have this huge civilian death toll among palestinians so what options do you think prime minister was talking about when he said that every
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single time hamas has had the opportunity to deescalate the situation with a cease fire every time they've escalated it there would have been no more people killed if hamas would have abided by the internationally brokered cease fire on friday but what did they do they chose to escalate they chose to increase aggression they chose to exasperate the situation and this is an unfortunate outcome but we cannot and we will not. be willing to live under this type of threats. well the campaign which is called protective edge is the deadliest israeli offensive a mere is in two thousand and eight more than fourteen hundred palestinians died in operation cast lead including more than two hundred and fifty children this time around many more lives have been lost it's already more than eight hundred unicef says that more than three hundred fifty children have died in the latest barrage which shows no sign of ending anytime soon.
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meanwhile germany's dust spiegel magazine has revealed that israel spied on u.s. secretary of state john kerry while he mediated last year's failed peace talks with palestine some of the diplomatic calls were made not by scramble channels but using regular phone lines intercepted by israel the details come from our middle east correspondent pulis leah. the german weekly did a speed goal says that the israelis as well as at least one secret service agency eavesdropped on the phone conversations of the us secretary of state john kerry it's understood that this was supposed to have happened last year at the height of the negotiations that kerry was mediating between israelis and palestinians to try
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and see a resumption of the very much stored peace talks the magazine goes on to detail that the east dropping happened while kerry was in a plane using a regular satellite phone that had no kind of encryption now kerry was using that phone to talk with his colleagues in the middle east as well as with leaders in china and in russia it follows a series of reports earlier this year with published by the newsweek magazine and according to that magazine it outlined a number of cases where israel head eavesdropped and spied on the united states in one reported talks about any israeli spies who hid in an aide to act in a hotel room of the then vice president al gore but it goes on to say that the americans later kept this quiet when they found out that israel was the guilty partner and at the same time the magazine quotes american intelligence officials who say that israel's is pure knowledge against the united states has now crossed
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all red lines certainly there are a lot of questions that are being asked and will be asked these are two countries that are supposed to be firm friends in it so he sends a very wrong message to the united states if indeed israel is spying on her close ally. but the conflict in gaza has sparked numerous demonstrations worldwide in europe they were mainly against the israeli operation protestors in berlin with palestinian flags and banners announcing the civilian deaths hundreds also gathered in. a rally behind the palestinians who are under attack while in london thousands marched avoid. over the israeli strikes more than ten thousand took to the streets of paris in support of the palestinian people francis in weeks of protests since the start of the conflict and across the atlantic in new york two rallies were held similar tenuously on the same street one for i was well the other palestine hundreds also gathered outside the white house waving banners and
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chanting slogans in support of gaza elsewhere things heated up in jordan where locals protested outside the u.s. embassy to show their anger at the israeli offensive. now we'll bring you up to date on ukraine in a couple of minutes including shell shock in the east as more traumatized civilians of course in the standoff between the army and local militia more not on the week's all the headlines after this short break. well all told you my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports i'm like the pollution you know i will leave the existing party to comment on your latter point to save lives to carry out a car as i'm going to talk you know. thank you no more weasel words when you veda direct question to you prepared for
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a change when you run you should be ready for a battle freedom of speech and now the freedom to crush. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others refused in the. third since changing. the old picture. from around the. globe to. now there have been a series of incidents at a russian checkpoint on the border with ukraine a russian t.v. crew from these vesta channel says a shell fired from the ukrainian side exploded near them while early on sunday
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european security moniz has confirmed they witnessed a separate attack that while another shell reportedly damaged a nearby residential home on the russian side with more on that going off. a group of always c. observers were at the checkpoint at the time along with border guards and customs services officials and so only a show had detonated thankfully no one got injured but the federal security service claims that the show came from the ukrainian side and there are also reports that another show had landed in a village nearby also on russian territory and this isn't the first time that russia that area comes under fire as the fighting in eastern ukraine continues and this definitely only aggravates the situation since one person is already being killed by in a similar incidents another show came from also the ukrainian side and we have heard statements from several senior russian officials including before and
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minister who say that so far moscow on these incidents that's what they're warning that if it will be established that these are deliberate attacks a very russian media was. using military perhaps as well well in the deeply sensitive area around the crash site of malaysian flight m.h. seventy militia's report further clashes in the nearby towns of taught as ukraine's president had initially ordered a forty kilometer no combat zone around the area where the plane came down but that's now been reduced to twenty kilometers this week international teams just about managed to get to the scene of the mh seventeen tragedy but only after having been prevented several times because of ongoing fighting then on saturday the experts withdrew from a nearby village after they heard artillery fire and the anti government forces still blame each other for getting in the way of the mh seventeen recovery and fact finding mission. and these are the latest pictures we're getting from the outskirts
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of the regional capital done yet one of the main hobs i don't think you have resistance residents are being killed in heavy shelling as ukrainian forces close in on anti-government strongholds the latest military attack on another eastern city in the one of the ganske reports of the f. three civilians dead at least eight injured several buildings including a school and a supermarket also suffered heavy damage. and some disturbing images from the city earlier this week a care home for the elderly was shelled and five residents were killed both sides are blaming each other for the deaths this is one of many examples of populated areas being attacked president petro poroshenko had previously vowed the civilians would not be targeted ukrainian military forces the national guard and other units would never allow themselves to do harm to civilians ukrainian soldiers will risk their own lives but won't threaten women children and elderly men this is the
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eternal chivalrous nature of the ukrainian army well that's the official line but a u.n. report released this week has raised the alarm over the growing number of civilians being killed by shelling in eastern ukraine he says not enough is being done to protect them locals are devastated by the ongoing fighting i mean you can you say. for yourself. morning you. knew you would you go. this is a different one but the. world . prays you know what i want you know when you. grow you're going the only. thought. you know you know is that i will search for.
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if you're. really. looking. for support you really should move over to do. better for. this team you know you need a misery to deal with somebody you know the truth was literally i just thought. it was the ukrainian crisis unfolds the mainstream media across the atlantic seem to be focusing on just one person the russian president you can takes a look at what the american media's really interests lie. president obama said he does not believe this growing tension with russia could be the beginning of the new cold war no. no it's not the cold war one could only wish turn this thought the same or at least those who are making covers of magazines because some of them hark back to the cold war as if they were made back in the day
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no matter how complicated an issue you can be almost certain that the media are going to boil it down to personalities well with ukraine it's one personality the russian president what does he do when he's working or often in outdoor adventure and why don't we see him smiling very much he's not really driven by by women or by we're distracted by alcohol he's very tough he's a very arrogant. person to deal with. and what kind of diplomacy can you expect moving forward when diplomats use this kind of language this is the you came back to to the united states speaking to me three adjectives you'd use to describe a lot of your proof. i'm not a poet but. i think. dishonest afraid comes to mind because we've had all these lies. but i think that's a reckless to makes one wonder if they really want to solve a problem or if they're good with the current state of affairs the media focus on
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the russian president has had its effect on twitter where users came up with a hash tag putin and now many use it to comment on pretty much anything it didn't rain in my country today i blame poison for it or a mosquito just bit me blame putin and then to the report that former georgian president saakashvili doesn't want to go back to his country to stand trial and says he blames putin this use of goes if you are in trouble just playing putin it washington i'm going to show. well the strongest sanctions against russia since the cold war have been put in place over the ukrainian crisis america's latest measures stop some of russia's banking heavyweights from operating in the united states on the list russia's second largest bank v.t. b. which also operates in europe asia and africa as well as its subsidiary bank of moscow russia's agricultural bank which funds the farming sector has also been targeted and the united state building corporation which is the country's largest
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holding falls under the punitive measures as well but the us senate isn't unanimous in its support for sanctions you know after the soviet union fell there was a tremendous potential to making russia our friend of tremendous potential they withdraw their troops from eastern europe. the russians. were open to all kinds of interactive human being korean part of the world community and a horrible tremendous opportunity i should say was squandered. oh brussels has also bars some of russia's banks from trading in european markets it puts the country's biggest and oldest bank in the firing line the energy sector has also targeted western know how and equipment for offshore fuel exploration is under embargo for russian companies arms sales are also restricted in two thousand and thirteen russia's global weapons export market was worth around fifteen billion
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dollars analysts tell us that the measures are a two way street and european businesses should prepare for cuts as well estimates in germany suggest it could lose six billion euros in exports to russia this year alone as moscow's number one trading partner berlijn has plenty at stake the annual turnover between the two comes to around seventy six billion euros six thousand german companies operate in russia and that could have a far reaching effect on hundreds of thousands of german jobs dependent on business with russia economist michael morris believes europeans will have to pay the price for this political gamble when you talk to the people on the street when you talk to people who have a run a business or executives in a big company there are not for the for the sanctions i can tell is to you because sanctions never a one way street always a reaction to a sanction and when it comes to this imposed sanctions or the sanctions it will be
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imposed on russia then of course the germans are the ones who are suffering was this easy for united states to shop for thing but the ones who are suffering are the germans or those countries who are close through russia because they naturally have the biggest business implications. i don't know website we've got more analysis and perspective on what repercussions on fresh sanctions are for the global economy also on r.t. dot com. seeing double this is a parade and united states that only the twins head to our web site r.t. dot com for more details. also there on a whim and the leaders of germany's three largest religions are set to build a joint place of worship and all they need is money trying to get people to donate the nearly fifty million euros needed online you can find out the details are.
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some of today's world news now and an intense earthquake which hit southwest china is now known to have killed at least three hundred sixty seven people and injured nearly two thousand others a six point one magnitude quake cracked open on top of buildings forcing people to rush into the streets for safety some survivors describe seeing nothing but ruins and buildings reduced to rubble the state news agency says it's the strongest to have hit the united province in fourteen years. militants from the jihadist group islamic state have continued their armed sweep through iraq taking control of the country's largest they've also taken three more towns under their control as well as an oil field overrunning the dam is a major coup for the militants who can use it to stage attacks and yet more cities formerly known as isis the islamic state has declared a caliphate i wrote a large swathe of land extending from southern syria deep into iraq. in the middle east at least thirteen soldiers and two civilians have been killed in northeastern lebanon as syrian rebels clashed with the army and security force
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members were taken hostage by the militant nusra front militants militias have attacked several military checkpoints on the border as they try to release a fighter held by the lebanese army. coming up next on r.t. international the former prime minister of israel tells us what's needed to make all sides of the israeli palestinian conflict settle for pe stay with us. a few weeks ago we discussed detroit's plans to shut off water to those who can't pay their bills logically what a basic human necessity could get taken away some protesters gathered to give their
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opinion on the issue at our plaza and what is the response from the state maybe some sort of dialogue or explanation as to why they have to turn off the water you know they turned up on the high tech quote non lethal weaponry against the protesters they used an el red system which basically blasted the protesters with sound which sounds but intended humane until you look into it and read that the weapon can cause permanent hearing loss the company even admits this is true at less than fifteen meters we see all across the country so-called non-lethal weapons being used to very harmful and even to well we thought ends but why does this happen because they make breaking up protests easy unsafe for the cops remember in the old days when you had to physically break up protests well things like el read allow any coward to just flip a switch to disperse a crowd with not a drop of blood visible and the fact that it seems not harmful as the police to be justified in using it whatever they want for the sake of the constitution i think no police forces should be able to use this technology but that's just my opinion.
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comes. if you leave with the economic ups and downs in the final months day the london new york sank night and the rest of the life during the case you will be everything on the lucky. dramas that can't be ignored to the. stories others refused to notice. the food since changed the world writes never.
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so picture of today's leaves long gone to and from around the globe. brokenly. big bucks for. everybody to do. the job the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy albums. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our silicon we've been hijacked right handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told by job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem. rational debate and a real discussion critical issues things to define are you ready to join the
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movement then welcome to the big. hello and welcome to worlds apart a week ago in the ukrainian crisis seem to be one of the greatest challenges to global peace and security yet but thousands of extremists overtaking iraq's second largest city helped put things into perspective will the advance of isis in iraq change washington view political calculus well to discuss that i'm now joined by christopher hill a former u.s. ambassador to iraq and the current dean of the joseph horrible school of international studies at the university of denver ambassador hill thank you very much for being on the show my pleasure now the ukrainian crisis if i could start
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with that was about security both for russia and the west and i think both sides want very far in defending that security interest and yet somehow. despite the continued blotches in ukraine you know the events in the rock really seem to preserve the security of danger as security a challenge of a totally different magnet if i wonder if he can be a sort of reality check for some of the decision makers in washington as far as what the real danger really is ok well let me first say that i think the ukrainian crisis is still with us and i think it's and everyone interests that ukraine emerge from this crisis with its sovereignty intact with its territorial integrity intact so my hope is that there's an understanding that it's necessary to work with the new ukrainian government and to in.